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Eco-Hotel: La Tortuga Verde – Website, Marketing, +

Eco-Hotel: La Tortuga Verde: 3 years | El Salvador

What did we do? The real question is, what didn’t we do?!

Our founder, Harry, lived at La Tortuga Verde for 3 years and took many projects to fruition as well brought their web presence and hotel/hostel to a higher level of success. READ MORE BELOW…


  • We created a volunteer program, organic garden veggie cafe
  • Made systems for solar dehydrating, aquaponics, compost, worms, chickens & local sourcing
  • Supported programs for sea turtle & bird rescue, mangrove conservation, yoga & health

Business Development and Successes:

  • Built 4 new websites
  • Took pictures and video to put online
  • Wrote articles 2 blogs and distributed them
  • Designed and printed and distributed multiple flyers, signs and promotion materials
  • Tripled website traffic
  • Resurrected Social Media from almost nothing to very powerful
  • Designed and finished 2 bars
  • Built a new successful concept for mini private rooms
  • Profit increased enough to hire more staff
  • Over 50 local staff members
  • Designed and documented about 15 tours to add to services of the eco-hotel
  • Brought wifi to the site
  • Consulted on almost every change or improvement made at the eco-hotel for 3 years
  • Increased Tripadvisor reach by about 12 times