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Urban Mushroom Garden and School: Eco Casa Madero / Fungorleone – E commerce, Content, Marketing, +

What did we do?

Our founder, Harry, lived at Eco Casa Madero for 1.5 years, assisting in the development of a small business owned by a local Mexican biologist. During this time, we implemented various initiatives to support the growth and sustainability of Eco Casa Madero and Fungorleone.

Business Development and Successes

  • Built a fully functional website with a shopping cart feature ( to facilitate online sales.
  • Captured and edited high-quality photos and videos for use on the website and other marketing platforms.
  • Optimized social media platforms to enhance online presence and engagement.
  • Provided strategic guidance and planning to the owner, resulting in the acquisition of larger projects and a more sustainable enterprise.

Urban Mushroom School

One of our key accomplishments was the establishment of the Urban Mushroom School, which aimed to offer international-standard education in the field of mushroom cultivation.

  • Collaborated with the owner to develop a comprehensive curriculum that met international educational standards.
  • Assisted in determining appropriate pricing strategies and identifying additional funding opportunities for the education aspect of the business.
  • Created marketing materials and concepts targeting the international market.
  • Promoted the school in the United States through participation in festivals, networking events, and online marketing efforts.

Project Management and Volunteer Coordination

We also played a crucial role in establishing a volunteer program and implementing effective project management systems.

  • Designed and implemented a volunteer program, including the development of rules, regulations, and communication processes.
  • Managed and created listings on popular volunteer websites to attract volunteers.
  • Provided guidance and training to the owner on effective volunteer management.
  • Implemented systems for project management and streamlined communication with volunteers before, during, and after their stay.

Education Center

As part of our efforts, we helped establish an education center that focused on organic gardening and the production of mushrooms.

The education center served as a platform to teach individuals about sustainable practices and the benefits of mushroom cultivation.