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Sustainable Business Development

Our beginnings start with private aviation then shift to where we are now and were we want to be, working only with eco-focused and impactful projects.

Sustainable Energy Group – 2019-2024 – Grass Valley, CA (onsite) & Melbourne, FL (remote)

Harry (our founder), held the position of Business Development Manager, &  Marketing & Sales Director for this Solar and Sustainability Company.


  • Created the area’s first Sustainable Guide to the Sierra Foothills a published 8 page guide in the regional newspaper.
  • Solidified Sustainable Energy Group is the experts in Sustainability, Sustainable Energy & Living
  • Created a popular newsletter with over 2k local subscribers connecting with local sustainable businesses and orgs as guest writers to build our our “Local News” section which also increased website traffic 20 fold.

Business Development and Successes:

  • Was the only full time staff kept on payroll through covid
  • Coordinated the transition of owners through scheduling & facilitating meeting with all the staff members and the new owner
  • Helped clarify who is doing what, and what each employee thought we be a good way to move forward.
  • Worked as Marketing & Sales Manager
  • As Sales Manager, helped interview and hire as well as onboard sales consultants with our process
  • Admin to Salesforce, Microsoft, and all other tech accounts
  • Created and presented Sales KPI reports to owner and staff for leads, opportunities as well as potential revenue and closed sales.
  • Served as IT admin, transferred the company to the cloud, bought computers and equipment
  • Designed and printed and distributed multiple flyers, signs and promotion materials
  • Increased website traffic 20 fold
  • Brought Social Media accounts from almost nothing to respectful levels
  • Admin for all Google accounts
  • Ad Manager for Google, Facebook/Instagram, Nextdoor and other media digital and physical
  • During my time we increased staff from 8 to 15 people and sales tripled
  • Won the Best of award for Solar Companies in our area for the first time in 20 years.

Created a Sustainable Education Website & Hub – Pro Planet People – Paradise, CA

  • education center on 20 acres was destroyed in a wildfire that consumed all 2o acres of land

Mushroom School and Online Business – Fungorleone – Eco Casa Madero – 2016-2018 – Mexico (more coming soon)

Eco-Hotel: La Tortuga Verde – 2012-2015 – El Salvador

What we did? What didn’t we do?! Harry (our founder), lived at La Tortuga Verde and took many of it’s projects to fruition.


  • We created a volunteer program, organic garden veggie cafe
  • Made systems for solar dehydrating, aquaponics, compost, worms, chickens & local sourcing
  • Supported programs for sea turtle & bird rescue, mangrove conservation, yoga & health

Business Development and Successes:

  • Built 4 new websites
  • Took pictures and video to put online
  • Wrote articles 2 blogs and distributed them
  • Designed and printed and distributed multiple flyers, signs and promotion materials
  • Tripled website traffic
  • Resurrected Social Media from almost nothing to very powerful
  • Designed and finished 2 bars
  • Built a new successful concept for mini private rooms
  • Profit increased enough to hire more staff
  • Over 50 local staff members
  • Designed and documents about 15 tours to add to services of the restaurant
  • Brought wifi to the site
  • Consulted on almost every change or improvement made at the eco-hotel for 3 years
  • Increased Tripadvisor reach by about 12 times

Vegetarian Restaurant: Cosmic Cocina – 2013-2015

What did we do? From nothing we designed the kitchen and cafe to create one of the only vegetarian / vegan restaurants in all of El Salvador. Completing the idea but being totally sustainable, local sources and locally run!


  • Every item, even the sauces are made in-house avoiding packaged and processed foods
  • Started a program with the local women’s collective where we literally gave seed money for them to grow our produce locally without chemicals
  • Teaching the women’s collective how to grow organically and how to use many sustainable methods like composting, worms, and crop rotation to avoid pests
  • Composting everything our restaurant
  • Limited waste by reusing our plastic bags, bringing our own to the market and building bottle bricks with the rest
  • Created a community “human interaction” zone where arts and real communication thrive
  • Started a coffee bar only selling El Salvadorian coffees
  • Saving local coconuts from the fire and scrapping their meat to make coconut milk for the restaurant
  • Made a place available for El Saladorians to try healthy food, an option that never existed before

Business Development and Successes:

  • Built a brand from the ground up!
  • Successfully sustained and made profit in only 6 months
  • Built the website, logos, and took the video and pictures
  • Listed and marketed online with social media (facebook, twitter, instagram) and reputation websites like tripadvisor.
  • Created 3 local jobs, with a female manager
  • Marketed and ran a festival where Cosmic Cocina provided all the food for the festival giving Cosmic Cocina a huge marketing boost
  • Used the pictures we took for flyers and other promotional materials

Various Private Aviation Projects – 2001-ongoing

Extreme online and onsite marketing. Multiple websites, SEO, email marketing, branding, flyers, trade show appearances, customer service for the private jet scheduling software and support for members of the private jet flight attendant and pilot directory. We also trained flight attendants how to get jobs and market themselves online.

What we accomplished: (this is private aviation so I would rather not mention their names online)

#1 – Private Aviation Scheduling, Quoting and Management System Startup

  • Went from nearly bankrupt to now grossing over 60,000 / month (yes really, with little or no overhead since it is internet based.
  • Successfully implemented and idea for a FBO (private terminal) directory which in turn validated the company to the whole industry and ranked them high on Google for many keywords.

**It was the right time for this company and they just needed a design and marketing boost.

#2 – Private Jet Flight Attendant and Contract Pilot Directory – CMO

  • Grew to be the largest employment directory IN THE WORLD
  • Makes about $5,000 and is member driven
  • Needs little or no updating

#3 – Private Jet Flight Attendant Training School – General Manager

  • Went from 3/month at $3k a month to averaging 8/month at $3k a student! 24k a month!
  • Maintain top placement on there best search term for over 6 years and counting (without this, the business would fail)
  • Complete update of website
  • Started a new directory of flight attendants that draws in a high volume of Google traffic
  • Upgraded the facility to put it in direct competition with it’s competitors